Salva News nº1

Salva News nº1

We have created a digital magazine with which to send you articles with market trends, seasonal products, interviews with bakers or pastry chefs and even promotions. On a bi-monthly basis, it is intended to be the channel through which we are able to let you know what is happening in the market. We will discover you little by little the contents of the magazine, we will not tell you everything on the first day, since surely there will be pleasant surprises.

Our sector is an exciting, dynamic sector, for people passionate about their work and of course in continuous evolution. Challenges that are key are looming in the near future and we want to be part of them. At Salva, we are in a process of change, with which to better meet the new needs of the market and part of this change is to learn better to understand your needs.

Our commitment to you is total.

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GI-636, Km 6 - Pol. 107
20100 Lezo (Guipuzcoa)

Tel 943 449 300.

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