La Madrugada

Location: Murcia - España Sector: Bakery and pastry

What did I need?

Open a Bakery from scratch, requires a big plannification, with Salva, I found what I was looking for, not only machinery, but advice about the machinery requirements, Salva helped us making the drawings of the workshop.

What solution did Salva give you?

All the Bakery is equipped with Salva´s machinery: Rack rotating oven ``Sirocco´´,Elecsol oven, Several Iverpan, Arm Mixer, Spiral Mixer,Water Cooler,Volumetric Weigher, Hydraulic Divider, Vertical Former, Mixer, Utensil Washer, racks, boards and trays.

"I am really happy with everything, the machinery´s quality, and the technical service always fast and effective.

Everything has great quality but I will highlight the Ovens. I have cooked in different electric ovens, but when I tried the Elecsol, I was surprised by the cooking quality and the low consumption of energy."

Javi Moreno Director General , La Madrugada


GI-636, Km 6 - Pol. 107
20100 Lezo (Guipuzcoa)

Tel 943 449 300.

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