Unique programming for different uses

All the operators in your bakeries and pastry shop will be able to use the oven, with the guarantee of having the same baking result.

Extremely user-friendly touch control panel

Very intuitive and with useful information available to the user always (energy consumption data, warning, and alarm screens).

High resolution

High contrast screen with easy navigation between menus.

All your devices are connected

Allows connectivity with our Salvalink remote connection system and with customer-specific systems.


Get the most out of your ovens.

Simplicity, quick learning, easy navigation

High connectivity

Programmable timed starts

Smart features

Eco-efficient system

Product load adaptability


150 baking programmes with up to 10 baking stages per programme.

Product photo

Cooking time

Product name

Firing time

Folder location

Steam time


10 fan speed

Cooking temperature

Heat control (roof, mouth and floor % in Modular and Elecsol)

More information

Capacity for up to 64 photos customisable by the customer.

8 configurable user profiles.

  • Export/import programmes.
  • Export/import photos.
  • Export/import configurations of equipment.
  • Export/import Flex Baking curves (old partial load).

Intelligent baking curves for homogenous baking independent of the product load.

The products offered by STC

Kwik-Co Self Clean oven

Kwik-co oven self cleaning system

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Boutique Oven

Combines the best of the convection oven and the electric deck oven

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Elecsol Oven

Electric deck oven for the craft Baker

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Modular STC

The Salva Modular oven is well know all over the World.

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Kwik-co Oven

Electric convection ovens for trays, ideal for baking bakery products, pastries and cakes.

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Metro Oven

Convection ovens with fixed rack, used to achieve high production for a wide range of products.

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