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  1. 02/20/2014 EUROPAIN 2014
    • Salva in Europain 2014

  2. 07/04/2012 A temporary bakery "The Loaf in a Box"
    • "The Loaf in a Box" has arrived to San Sebastian, where you can buy bread and also learn how to make it.
    • SALVA INDUSTRIAL, a leader in the manufacture of machinery and ovens for the bakery sector since 1943, and AMASADORAS SAUS, which has been manufacturing mixers since 1897, have decided to take on the challenge of a global market through a business alliance.
  4. 02/01/2012 SALVA FAIRS 2012
    • Salva will attend the following fairs:

  5. 04/01/2011 The alliance of 2 leading companies
    • SALVA INDUSTRIAL , a leader in manufacture of machinery for bakeries, pastries and caterers, and F. MENDOZA, a leader in the design and manufacture of machines for bakeries, have decided to take on the challenge of a global market through a business alliance.
  6. 03/18/2008 Salva Fairs 2008
    • Salva will attend the following fairs:
  7. 07/02/2007 Salva Fairs 2007
    • Salva will attend the following national and international fairs...
  8. 06/11/2007 Showcooking in Málaga
    • On the seventh of June in the Cooking and Catering school of Churriana - Malaga a Show-cooking event was held in which the new Salva Master Chef oven range was presented. Sua Combi, latest generation ovens, combined convection-vapour ovens expressly designed for the world of professional cuisine.
  9. 04/10/2007 Intersicop Fair in Madrid
    • Last March (10-14 ) the Intersicop fair was held in Madrid. In this fair numerous bakery and confectionery sector professionals were in attendance.
  10. 04/06/2007 Annual Sales Convention
    • Last march the annual sales convention of Salva Industrial took place. Some 75 attendees met, who are the members of the sales network in Spain as well as in the subsidiaries in France and Chile.

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