We care about the environment

We care about the environment

At Salva Industrial, we are committed to providing sustainable, efficient, and energy-optimized solutions in the manufacturing of our equipment, such as ovens, refrigeration equipment, and machinery. Our focus is on achieving the highest efficiency and energy savings without compromising the quality of the final product.

One key aspect of our eco-energetic design is the implementation of a double insulation layer and the use of state-of-the-art low-emissivity non-refractory glass. These features allow us to minimize heat losses and maximize the cooking performance for every consumed kilowatt. Additionally, we have developed specialized software that optimizes energy consumption during the cooking process.

Our Power Master Control system is a notable innovation that allows for up to 50% savings on the nominal power of the oven. This system efficiently distributes energy, adapting to the specific needs of each moment without exceeding the contracted power, resulting in a more efficient use of energy resources.

The Eco function is another outstanding feature of our equipment. This standby maintenance system ensures that the equipment operates efficiently when not in active use, thereby reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Smart Heating is an intelligent system that alternates the activation of the floor and ceiling resistances in our ovens and cooking equipment. This enables precise temperature control and uniform heat distribution, maximizing energy efficiency in each cooking process.

Our ECU function is an efficient maintenance system that allows setting a minimum set temperature. This ensures that the equipment does not waste energy by maintaining a constant and suitable temperature for proper operation.

To further reduce energy consumption, we use high-efficiency electronic fans with soft start instead of traditional fans that generate additional heat. This allows us to achieve greater energy savings without compromising the cooling performance of our refrigeration equipment.

Furthermore, we ensure the use of refrigerants with low global warming potential, thereby ensuring that our equipment is environmentally friendly and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Regarding thermal insulation, we employ high-quality polyurethane to guarantee maximum insulation in our equipment. This reduces heat losses and maintains an optimal temperature inside, resulting in lower energy consumption.

In summary, at Salva Industrial, we take pride in offering equipment that not only meets high standards of quality and performance but is also designed with a sustainable mindset. Our products incorporate technologies and features that maximize energy efficiency and reduce consumption, thus contributing to a more sustainable planet and the peace of mind of our customers.


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