Flex Baking Characteristics

Baking Automatic Adaptation

The oven automatically adjusts the baking parameters according to the amount of product, ensuring even baking regardless of the load.

Advanced Internal Sensors

Equipped with high-precision sensors, the oven is able to determine the amount of load and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Precise Air Circulation Control

Air circulation is dynamically controlled to match the load, optimising energy efficiency and product quality.

Intelligent Microprocessor

The microprocessor continuously compares the stored firing curve for a full load with the changing load and temperature parameters inside the oven.

Flex Baking Advantages

Regardless of the number of trays or load in the oven, it ensures even baking.

Cooking uniformity ensures homogeneous cooking, improving the quality of the final product.

Energy Efficiency by automatic fan speed adjustment

Reduction of waste where the amount of defective or badly baked products is reduced.

Versatility in baking for both small and large baked goods

Firing Time Optimisation by automatically adjusting the parameters, to ensure that the cooking time is optimal for any load.

Easy Operation. Automated technology facilitates the operation of the oven, reducing the need for manual adjustments and allowing operators to focus on other tasks

Flex Baking Features

The microprocessor compares the firing curve of a full load with the current load to adjust the fan and maintain an even temperature.

Firing Curve Comparison. The microprocessor compares the firing curve of a full load with the current load to adjust and maintain a uniform temperature.

Precise Temperature Control. Controls the oven's internal temperature to match the stored curve.

More information

It is an ideal technology for bakeries and other food industries that require high consistency and efficiency in their baking processes.

Internal sensors continuously monitor oven temperature and load, adjusting parameters in real time to maintain optimal baking conditions, resulting in superior quality products with consistent textures and flavours. 

Fan speed adjusts according to load, optimising air circulation and ensuring even cooking on all pans.

Ovens incorporating Flex Baking technology

Kwik-Co Prowash

Convection oven for trays, with automatic chamber cleaning. Specialised for cleaning ovens used in pastry making.

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Kwik-co Oven

Electric convection ovens for trays, ideal for baking bakery products, pastries and cakes.

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Metro Oven

Convection ovens with fixed rack, used to achieve high production for a wide range of products.

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