Features ECO function

Stand-by status

Allows the oven to go into a standby state in which all consuming elements are switched off after a programmed time without any action on the panel or door.

Zero Energy Consumption

During the time the oven is under the ECO parameter, its consumption is 0 kW/h.

Customisable Configuration

The time after which the oven enters ECO mode is adjustable by the customer.

Factory Activation

By default, the ECO parameter is activated with a time of 30 minutes, after which the oven switches to standby if no action is taken.

Advantages ECO function

Key role in optimising the energy use of ovens, offering both economic and environmental benefits, as well as ease of use and maintenance.

Significant Energy Savings. Reduces energy consumption to zero during periods of inactivity, resulting in considerable savings.

Reduced Operating Costs. By minimising energy consumption, the costs associated with continuous furnace operation are reduced.

Prolonged Furnace Lifetime. Less continuous running time means less wear and tear on furnace components.

Compatibility with STC and E-Advance panels. Available in various control panel models, providing flexibility and accessibility to different users.

Reduced Environmental Impact. By reducing energy consumption, it contributes to a smaller carbon footprint, benefiting the environment.

Ease of use that allows users to tailor downtime to their specific needs, offering intuitive operation.

ECO functions

Automatically shuts down all oven systems after a programmed time of inactivity during preheating, reducing energy consumption to zero.

Automatic switch-off. Automatically switches the oven off after a set period of inactivity, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

Preheat Mode. Activated when the oven is in preheating state, helping to maintain energy efficiency.

Quick Reset. Allows the oven to quickly return to preheat temperature upon detecting any action on the panel or door, minimising temperature recovery time.

More information

In factory tests, it was shown that keeping a 5-tray convection oven at 200°C empty for 1 hour consumes 1.01 kWh. With the ECO mode activated (time X=5 minutes), the oven consumes no energy for 55 minutes. At the touch of any button, the oven returns to its preheating temperature in 3 minutes and 45 seconds, consuming 0.45 kWh in the process.

The furnace switches off automatically after 30 minutes of idle operation, ensuring safer and more efficient use of the equipment.

Recovery of the preheat temperature is fast and efficient, consuming a minimum of energy and time, ensuring continuous and efficient operation when needed.

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