Cool Touch Features

Low-E Glass (Low-E)

Low-E glass can retain up to 80% of the radiant energy inside the cooking chamber. This allows heat to be kept inside the oven, improving energy efficiency.

Thermal Break System

This system ensures that the outer glass of the oven remains cool to the touch, regardless of the internal temperature of the oven. This is achieved by interrupting the heat transfer from the inside to the outside.

Double or Triple Glazing and Air Chamber

The oven door is composed of two or three layers of glass with an air chamber between them. This configuration acts as an additional thermal insulator, helping to keep the heat inside the oven and keep the outside surface cool.

High Safety and Regulatory Compliance

The temperatures of the exterior surfaces comply with the European safety standard EN 60335-1.

At the maximum temperature of the convection oven of 280°C, it is within the range acceptable by the standard, significantly minimising the risk of contact burns and ensuring the safety of the user.

Cool Touch Advantages

Crystals that minimise heat transfer while maintaining a clear and elegant appearance.

Touch Safety significantly reduces the risk of burns when touching the oven door.

Superior Energy Efficiency. By keeping the heat inside the oven, less energy is needed to maintain a constant temperature, which translates into lower energy consumption and savings on electricity bills.

Better Thermal Insulation . The double glazing system and the air chamber provide superior thermal insulation and improve the performance of the oven.

Product Durability. Low-E glazing and thermal break technology increase the lifetime of the oven, as these materials are resistant to high temperatures and wear and tear.

Cool Touch Features

The integration of this technology in the ovens reflects a growing trend towards combining safety and efficiency in deck, convection and rotary ovens.

Burn-in prevention. Maintains an internal temperature of up to 400ºC, while the external glass barely exceeds body temperature.

Energy Efficiency. Retaining heat inside the cooking chamber not only improves the energy efficiency of the oven, but also reduces cooking time and energy consumption.

Further information

Complying with European safety regulations ensures that the product is safe and reliable, giving users peace of mind.

As well as being functional, doors with Cool Touch technology often have an attractive design that can complement the aesthetics of any bakery or Baker coffee.

Ovens incorporating Cool Touch technology

Kwik-Co Prowash

Convection oven for trays, with automatic chamber cleaning. Specialised for cleaning ovens used in pastry making.

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Modular Deck Oven

The Modular oven designed by Salva, recognised all over the world, processes the product under electric ceramic heating elements.

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Modular Pizza Deck Oven

The most dough-friendly and energy-efficient deck ovens for pizzerias

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Modular Pastry Deck Oven

The most dough-friendly and energy-efficient deck ovens for pastry making

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Sirocco Oven

Rotary ovens to bake an infinite number of products. Robust, versatile and low maintenance.

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Kwik-co Oven

Electric convection ovens for trays, ideal for baking bakery products, pastries and cakes.

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Metro Oven

Convection ovens with fixed rack, used to achieve high production for a wide range of products.

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