Salvalink features

Multipoint connection

We move from a point-to-point connection to a MULTI-POINT CONNECTION in which you can interact with all the equipment, through cloud computing, totally independent of the user's management software.

Total Connect is a solution that stores data in the cloud and allows us a very stable and secure connection to multiple dependencies. Within each unit, the equipment has the possibility of connecting to the system both via wifi (wireless) and Ethernet (wired).

Real-time equipment status display

It provides key information on the status of the equipment.

It displays the data log and graphs of the alarms produced, breakdowns, temperature curves, burner inputs and outputs, fans.

It allows to visualise the energy consumption of the equipment, the programmes used, the number of firings carried out per programme, the number of times that the shutdown has been activated... Data that allow a better management, and therefore an increase in profit.

This gives users a complete and up-to-date view of the condition of the equipment.

Firing programme management

Facilitates the creation, modification and transfer of cooking programmes to all units at the touch of a button.

Allows management of programmes by zones, regions or business types, associating cooking programmes with specific zones or types of equipment.

It also offers the use of folders for the orderly archiving of cooking programmes.

It automates processes, adapts management to processes and eliminates all inefficiencies.

Product quality control through data logging and quality charts

Helps control product quality by creating a data log and graphs.

Allows you to record and analyse information such as temperatures, times, steam, draft and door openings, which facilitates monitoring and continuous improvement of product quality.

Salvalink advantages

Control all your equipment, even remotely, from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Operational efficiency

Saving time and effort

Quality control and improvement

Personalisation and accessibility

Maintenance cost savings

Continuous updates and improvements

Salva Link Features

Remote control for bakery and pastry equipment

Display the status of equipment

Programme management

Data logging and quality graphs

More information

It reduces the number of technicians trips, making it possible to diagnose faults remotely.

Maximum security using recognised international standards to avoid errors in communications or operation between equipment.

Equipment with SalvaLink

Kwik-Co Prowash

Convection oven for trays, with automatic chamber cleaning. Specialised for cleaning ovens used in pastry making.

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Modular Bakery Deck oven

The most dough-friendly and energy-efficient deck ovens for bakeries

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Modular Pizza Deck Oven

The most dough-friendly and energy-efficient deck ovens for pizzerias

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