Sole Effect Features

Upward Air Flow Direction

In the Salva rotary oven, the air flow is directed from the bottom to the top, which optimizes the baking of baked products, especially at the bottom.

Inclined Aspiration in the Baking Chamber

The baking chamber is designed with an inclined suction system that contributes to the formation of a high quality base in the baked products.

Improved Dough Development

Thanks to the direction of the air flow and the inclined aspiration, a better dough development is promoted, resulting in fluffier and better baked breads.

Sole Effect

This term refers to the improvement in the quality of the sole or base of the bread, obtained by means of the upward air flow and the inclined aspiration, which ensure homogeneous baking and superior baking quality.

Advantages Sole Effect

Significantly improves the quality of the baked products by generating an upward airflow.

Homogeneous baking thanks to the upward airflow which ensures that all products in the rotary oven bake evenly, eliminating hot and cold spots.

Increased Dough Development due to airflow and inclined suction, resulting in fluffier and better quality breads.

Energy efficiency allowing faster and more efficient baking, reducing energy consumption and improving the sustainability of the baking process.

Production Versatility

Sole Effect functions

Achieves more uniform and efficient cooking, improving product texture and volume.

Bottom Cooking Optimisation. The upward airflow in the Salva rotary trolley oven allows for more intense baking on the underside of the bread, ensuring that the base is perfectly baked.

Quality Sole Generation. The inclined suction in the baking chamber helps to create a quality sole in the final product, essential for artisan breads and baked goods that require a crispy, well-baked base.

Rotary oven incorporating Sole Effect technology

Sirocco Oven

Rotary ovens to bake an infinite number of products. Robust, versatile and low maintenance.

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