We offer bakery and pastry equipment adjusted to the dimensions of your retail shop, with simple operating systems.

Par-baked product

  • Product is pre-baked, frozen then supplied to store, reducing the need for specialist bakers. It maintains the baking concept without the requirement for space.
  • Production time is drastically reduced and can be managed effiecintly.
  • For pastries, product can be baked using steam in the oven.


Bakery ovens

Kwik-co Oven

Electric convection ovens for trays, ideal for baking bakery products, pastries and cakes.

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Metro Oven

Convection ovens with fixed rack, used to achieve high production for a wide range of products.

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Labe Trans Oven

Electric convection ovens that Salva offers as a solution for quick and easy cooking in front of the public.

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Kwik-Co Prowash Self Clean oven

Convection oven for trays, with automatic chamber cleaning. Specialised for cleaning ovens used in pastry making.

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Bakery equipment

Bread slicer

Bread slicer

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Tray rack trolley

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Oven tray aluminium BA

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In line with more sustainable and environmentally friendly business models.

Eco Efficiency Energy Efficient Equipment Connection to CO2

This Eco- efficient supermarket consumes 40% less energy than a conventional supermarket, thanks to refrigeration that use CO2, a natural refrigerant that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Salvalink Remote Control Easy to use

Salvalink is our proprietory software that allows you to control the Salva equipment in your hotel, even remotely and from any device, anywhere and at anytime.

Efficiency in production Total advice

At Salva, we understand your needs and requirements. We will help you choose the right piece of equipment that serves all of your needs.

Security Equipment at Salva is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 standard.

We consult with experts in the industry and manufacture the highest standard of equipment to meet consumer needs.



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