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Manual Proofer

Manual Proofer

The RP manual proofer is a manual load and unload proofer chamber that allows the dough to rest for the time necessary after the dividing stage, before it is given its final shape. The dough pieces ferment gently in the RP manual proofer during this resting time, increasing slightly in size and therefore becoming more flexible for shaping. It is specially designed for artisan bakers who have maximum respect for their dough. Standard vats allow pieces up to 650 g to be loaded. Optional germicidal treatment for improved hygiene.


Metal structure painted in grey, making the chamber highly robust. An oversized chain is used for proofer compartment wheels, extending the chamber's working life. Smooth running through the gears, resulting in an ultraquiet machine.


Fitted with electrical plugs for the shaper and the divider, usually working together. It has a right/left manual control button and an optional ergonomic hands-free control.


Polyester proofer compartments to avoid any build-up of humidity. Optional germicidal lamp.


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