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Greater control

Greater control

Control all your equipment, even remotely, from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Greater efficiency

Greater efficiency

Access your data straightforwardly and manage and handle all equipment remotely. Automate processes, adapt their management and eliminate inefficiency.

Best service

Best service

Access all information on alarms, faults, temperature curves, consumption… With direct communication between equipment and technician, ensuring a better, faster response.

  • Do more in less time

    The user interface is simple and provides all the key data for the facility at a glance.

  • Go where your business takes you

    Access data for any facility from any mobile device, in order to give orders, change processes, modify programmes, see alarms…

  • Take back control of your processes

    Completely integrating the equipment allows us to automate processes, adapt management of the ovens to the fermentation processes and, above all, eliminate inefficiencies from the production process.

  • Improve customer service

    Rapid access to data and key information, speeding up business responsiveness.

  • Expand into new markets

    Easier access to data allows us to improve and create new, more effective processes, opening new offices with proven production capacity and management, safe in the knowledge that the data are homogeneous.

The functions offered by Salvalink

  • Run all control panel functions.

  • Display the status of the equipment (temperature, time, steam, programmes, etc.) and create data and graphics.

  • Create, modify, and transfer programmes.

  • Start up by time or linked to other equipment (the oven starts up during fermentation, so it is ready to bake when finished).

  • The equipment’s energy consumption, the programmes used, the amount of baking carried out per programme, the times that shutdown has been activated, etc., can all be shown… information that allows better management, and therefore increased profitability.

  • The Technical Service module allows remote communication between equipment and technicians.

  • The data record is shown, along with graphs of alarms produced, failures, temperature curves, burner inputs and outputs, fans...


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